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Egyptian Maus
WOW! Now here is a STUNNING little girl.  Sinsationial! She has it all. Great head shape, Awsome silver coat.  Fantastic ear set, great contrast in  spots....Just beautiful! $1100,pet price.$500 for breeding rights.

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This is a beauty! This little girl has very nice dark spots! Creating a vivid contrast. Here eyes are getting to be a nice, nice green already; even at her young age!  Her head shape and ear set is purrrfect. and such a sweet loving personality! $1100 pet price $500 breeding rights.
DOB 9/19/2012
All kittens will have their shots and are wormed before leaving Cattitude.
Egyptian Maus are medium sized, shorthaired cat breed. They are one of a kind naturally spotted domesticated cat. The spotted Mau is an ancient breed from natural stock; its look has not changed significantly as is evidenced by artwork over 3,000 years old. Unlike other spotted cats such as the Ocicat or Bengal cat, the Egyptian Mau is a natural breed
Other breeds are created from domestic breed outcross or, in the case of the Bengal cat, domestic outcrosses with wildcats.
 This is one reason that the Maus are also a very healthy breed! 
The spots of the Mau occur on both the coat and their skin underneath. 
Maus often possess very musical voices. They are known to chirp, chortle and emit other distinc voices when they want to:-))​
The back legs of Maus are longer than the front legs, and frequently land on their back feet when taking a leap. . Eye color is gooseberry green, and they are an Extremely intelligent cat.

The breed conformation is described by The Cornell Book of Cats as

Spotlight on Maus
Silver male $900.00 pet price
New litter of silver Maus. Great ear set and definition of spotting! $500 for breeding rights.
Bronze male $900 pet price
Silver female $1150 pet price
top show quality!!

Beautiful BRONZE female  pet price. $1100
exceptional litter of one  bronze male and stunning silver female. $500 for breeding rights.
Silver female $1100 pet price.
New litter, photos coming soon.